The CDA offers a variety of loans to assist both business and residential projects!

Economic Development Loan Program

The Economic Development Loan Program has three components:

  • Industrial Development Loans are made to larger projects, and are primarily targeted to manufacturing businesses.
  • Commercial Enterprise Loans are made to larger retail and service businesses. Both of these loans have a 4.0% rate, and can be used primarily for asset expenses, such as land or building acquisition, building construction, or purchases of machinery.
  • Micro-Loan Program, a loan program for small and start-up businesses, has a maximum loan amount of $15,000, and may be used for a greater number of purposes.

Businesses should contact the CDA to determine if these, or another program, may be suited to their project.

Facade Loan Program

Owners of commercial buildings may be eligible for a Facade Loan to make improvements to the exterior of their buildings. This program is primarily targeted to the downtown district, although any building may be eligible. Certain design guidelines may apply.

For more information on the Facade Loan Program click here.


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